HOT Anarchy: OVERKILL 2023: Michael Shafer vs. Jojo Bravo

On Sunday, March 5th 2023 in Austin, the man who has taken the DFW area by storm over the past year, “The Leading Man” Michael Shafer squares off against one of the best technical wrestlers in Texas, Austin’s own ”Wild Challenger” Jojo Bravo!

Jojo is one of the best technical wrestling minds around, and he will put his skills to the test against Shafer who will have a clear size advantage in this one. Though Shafer is well conditioned, the longer Jojo can make the match last, the better his chances will be. A regular competitor on the HOT roster, Jojo came away with several victories last year, especially in Austin. Last month, at Guilty by Association, Jojo triumphed over Tommy Prince, as he continues to establish himself as a title contender in the eyes of the HOT Championship Committee.