Tainted Glory 2022: Tag Team Match - Nobe Bryant & T-Ray vs. Exodus Prime & Kari Wright

At Breaking the Barrier in Groesbeck, Texas a month prior, Exodus Prime missed out on, not just one, but TWO chances to win the HOT Championship. After losing his scheduled match to Champion Dimitri Alexandrov, Exodus cashed in his "HOT Anytime Contract" that he earned from winning the MegaBrawl match last year. He then lost a second time to Dimitri after he was distracted by former HOT Champion T-Ray, who came to the ring to circumvent Exodus' illegal tactics.

Exodus had a score to settle with T-Ray and he would get his chance in this match at Tainted Glory 2022 in Mart, Texas on July 24th, as he and his tag team partner Kari Wright would square off against T-Ray and HOT Centex Champion, Nobe Bryant, who helped T-Ray win his 2-on-1 match against The Lost Boys at Breaking the Barrier.