HOT Anarchy: OVERKILL 2023: Crimson Mask Match: Dimitri Alexandrov vs. Chris Morrison

Parental Discretion Advised: Sunday, March 5th, 2023 "The Oklahoma Strangler" Chris Morrison made his HOT debut against former HOT Champion Dimitri Alexandrov in a "Crimson Mask Match" as HOT Anarchy Presents OVERKILL in Austin! The rules of the match are simple: submissions and pinfalls on your opponent only count if your opponent is bleeding. This one is about to get brutal!

"The Bear Fighter" Dimitri Alexandrov has scoured the nation to find opponents who can take him to his absolute limits. Over the previous months, fans who follow HOT will agree, Dimitri faced some of the most vicious and dangerous men in the business, at his own request. Enter Chris Morrison, a brawling master of the mat who stops at nothing to bring pain and suffering on anyone who steps in the ring with him. There are no limits to what these two ruthless competitors will do to win, especially under these rules.