All Hallows Eve 2022: Dimitri Alexandrov vs. Aaron Mercer

On Sunday, October 30th at All Hallows Eve in the MPX Event Center in Bedford, TX, two of the biggest fan favorites in HOT Wrestling, Aaron Mercer and "The Bear Fighter" Dimitri Alexandrov square off against each other in a singles match; no frills or stipulations in this one, just a one-on-one fight. Many HOT fans considered this a dream match that they may have never seen, but sometimes dreams come true, and this one will happen at All Hallows Eve!

Aaron Mercer had been on a roll, at this point. He was the Anarchy Hardcore Champion and the WrestleRave Champion. He had most recently left victorious after beating the high-flying Dante Leon at MegaBrawl '22 in a Loko Wrestling vs. WresleRave match. Dimitri saw his year-long win streak come to an end at the same event, when he lost the HOT title to Sam Stackhouse. Neither of these men is accustom to losing in 2022, and they left it all in the ring in this one!