HOT Anarchy: Appetite For Destruction 2022: Zeke Rose vs. Jojo Bravo

At Appetite for Destruction on Friday October 14th 2022, Jojo Bravo (formerly known as Jay Serious) returns to Austin after an impressive showing at MegaBrawl in Houston last weekend, where he beat Exodus Prime in a 2 out of 3 falls match, and then went on to last over 15 minutes in the MegaBrawl Rumble. For the past several years, Jojo has been one of the biggest rule breakers on the HOT roster, but at MegaBrawl Jojo admitted the err of his cheating ways and vowed to “fight for the people from now on.”

In Austin, Jojo will face the young up and comer Zeke Rose, managed by Kenny Kross. Surprisingly enough, Zeke Rose actually eliminated Jojo Bravo from the 2022 MegaBrawl rumble, prompting this match. Rose showed a unique combination of power and agility in his HOT debut in the MegaBrawl rumble. Kross is a factor to consider as well, since he helped his client with a couple of eliminations in Houston. Even though Jojo is the more experienced of the two, he will have his hands full in this one!