Guilty by Association 2023: Dan "The Man" vs. James Claxton

On January 22nd at ACW Guilty by Association in Austin, the 2022 Lone Star Classic Winner Dan "The Man" stepped into the ring with the 6'6 Anarchy stalwart, "Cowboy" James Claxton. One of the most sarcastic men in professional wrestling today, Dan "The Man" found a way to win in almost any scenario for most of 2022, even against the odds and outside the rules. He won the 2022 Lone Star Classic tournament, even though he was a picked as a long shot before it began. Dan had his hands full with James Claxton who, at the time, held the only HOT win over then HOT Champion Sam Stackhouse, albeit a count-out victory after Stackhouse fled the ring. That was after Claxton planted the 500 pounder flat on his back in a match for the HOT Championship. Claxton did not leave with the title, however, since it can only change hands via pinfall or submission. Both men were expecting to extend their win streaks in this one, but as we all know, someone has to lose.