HOT: WrestleBowl 2: HOT Centex Championship Match: Nobe Bryant (c) vs. Exodus Prime

On Sunday, February 19th, as two of the best in Texas will square off in Axtell, TX! HOT Centex Champion Nobe Bryant will defend his title against one of pro wrestling’s hottest commodities, Exodus Prime!

Nobe Bryant holds the record for the quickest title victory in HOT history, and has held the Centex title for the past 8 months. His chiseled physique and cat-like agility have lent themselves to much success in HOT competition and beyond. Exodus Prime (who has recently competed on cable TV’s All Elite Wrestling) holds many HOT accomplishments, including winning the 2021 MegaBrawl Rumble Match and being the first HOT Anytime Contract Holder. Thus far, his quest for a championship in HOT has come up void, but this could be the opportunity he’s been waiting for.