HOT: MegaBrawl '22: Anarchy vs. Loko Match: Marcus Rose vs. Chris Carter

LOKO VS. ANARCY MATCH SET FOR MEGABRAWL: Anarchy Owner Marcus Rose and Loko Wrestling Owner Jaime Martinez agreed to pick a wrestler representing each promotion to have the square off in an Anarchy vs. Loko singles match at MegaBrawl on September 24th in Houston. Rose shocked fans, wrestlers and officials alike this week when he selected himself to represent Anarchy in the match.

Jaime Martinez selected “The Leader of Change” Chris Carter to represent Loko and face Marcus Rose at MegaBrawl '22. Rose spent the previous several months heckling Carter on social media, due to legitimate backstage issues between the two, and Carter has harshly retaliated on social media. To put it bluntly, these two men cannot stand the sight of each other. Marcus Rose was absolutely incensed at Martinez’s selection of Carter, so it was interesting to see how Rose would react.