HOT Anarchy: OVERKILL 2023: Sam Stackhouse vs. Tommy Prince

Sunday, March 5th 2023 in Austin, former HOT Champion Sam Stackhouse faces “The Mad Prince” Tommy Prince, as HOT Anarchy presents the live pro wrestling event OVERKILL at the Agave Club!

This match was just two weeks after Sam Stackhouse’s controversial loss of the HOT Championship to Barrett Brown at WrestleBowl 2. His title defense was cut short and the match was awarded to Brown by HOT sanctioned official Marcus Rose, without any apparent tap out or pin fall on Stackhouse. At the end of the night he was attacked by Brown, Rose and Gunshow as he attempted to protect HOT Owner Henry Witt III from their onslaught.

Tommy Prince competed in a six man tag at WrestleBowl 2 and later participated in jumping Brick Savage, which eventually saw Brick being slammed through a table. Prince is a young, crafty former Metroplex Wrestling Champion who has opportunistically forged a partnership with HOT Anarchy Hardcore Champion Matt Locke, which could play a factor in his match with Stackhouse.