HOT Anarchy: OVERKILL 2023: Exodus Prime vs. Aaron Mercer

Two of the best pro wrestlers in Texas meet in the squared circle for the FIRST TIME EVER, as Exodus Prime and Aaron Mercer square off at OVERKILL Sunday, March 5th 2023 in Austin!

Exodus Prime fell just short of winning the HOT Centex title from Nobe Bryant at WrestleBowl 2 two weeks prior, but he shook hands with Nobe and congratulated him after the match. That was an unusual gesture coming from Exodus who is generally unfriendly to say the least. Then at the end of the night, he led a charge to save HOT Owner Henry Witt III and Sam Stackhouse from the onslaught of Barrett Brown, Marcus Rose, and Gunshow. He then held the HOT Championship belt high over his head, as if to let Brown know he has him in his crosshairs.