Tainted Glory 2022: Henry Witt III Addresses "The Incident in Austin"

Over the previous month, Henry Witt III had been revealed as the owner of HOT Wrestling by recently fired and reinstated wrestling personality, Dan "The Man." After Dan won the 2022 Anarchy Lone Star Classic tournament in Austin by less than legal means, he and Anarchy owner Marcus Rose viciously attacked Henry in what is now being referred to as “The Incident in Austin.” Rose was subsequently fined by HOT for his role in the attack. Dan's lust for revenge over being fired by HOT drove him to join forces with Rose, who has abandoned his post at HOT, in favor of using his new ownership status with Anarchy as a vehicle to take over HOT Wrestling entirely. Henry was at Tainted Glory in Mart, Texas on July 24, 2022 to address the incident in Austin HOT Anarchy’s attempted take over of HOT.