Guilty by Association 2023: Barbed Wire Rope Match - Sky Delacrimosa vs.Dimitri Alexandrov

On Sunday, January 22nd, two of the most prolific Death Match specialists in Texas squared off, as former HOT Champion “The Bear Fighter” Dimitri Alexandrov and “The Texas Chainsaw” Sky De Lacrimosa fought in a Barbed Wire Rope Match at the HOT Anarchy event "Guilty By Association" at the venue Come and Take it Live in Austin. Since losing the HOT title to Sam Stackhouse by less than legal means at MegaBrawl '22 in Houston back in September, Dimitri had been on a rampage, returning to a barbarous, take-no-prisoners fighting style, and had not lost a match since. However, former Anarchy Hardcore Champion Sky De Lacrimosa is easily one of the most sadistic humans in independent wrestling and would stop at nothing to tear Alexandrov apart. With the added brutality of barbed wire, this already appealing matchup is a must-see!