HOT Anarchy: OVERKILL 2023: Tables Match: Brick Savage vs. Matt Locke

Sunday, March 5th in Austin, TX at OVERKILL, “The World Breaker” Brick Savage faces “All-Star” Matt Locke in a TABLES MATCH!

This comes after an injured Brick was jumped by Locke and slammed through a table this at WrestleBowl 2. Apparently, Brick demanded the match for a chance to do the same to Locke. The first person to put his opponent through a table will win the match.

Brick was seriously injured as a result of the attack with a fractured hand, a tilted vertebrae, and strains in both legs. However, he had reportedly convinced the HOT Championship Committee that he would be ready to go by OVERKILL. One thing is certain, if he was less than 100%, Locke would exploit it to “turn the tables” in his favor.