All Hallows Eve 2022: Loser Leaves HOT Match - T-Ray vs. Exodus Prime

This match was a long time coming! T-Ray vs. Exodus Prime at All Hallows Eve 2022 on Sunday, October 30th at the MPX Event Center in Bedford, TX! The loser of the match would leave HOT for good at the request of Exodus Prime. This rivalry was been a long one, and it started all the in February 2022 at Wrestle Bowl when Exodus Prime held the HOT Anytime contract and he tried to cash it in on an exhausted Dimitri Alexandrov who had just defeated T-Ray for the HOT Championship. Knowing Dimitri's exhausted state, T-Ray fended Exodus off and kept him from cashing in his contract on Dimitri. Fast forward to June 2022 at Breaking the Barrier, after Exodus became the #1 contender for the HOT Championship and lost a match to Dimitri for the title, he cashed in his HOT Anytime for a 2nd shot at the title immediately following the loss. Then, T-Ray came to the ring and distracted Exodus, costing him not only the match, but his HOT Anytime Contract. Then in July at Tainted Glory, Exodus and his partner Kari Wright defeated T-Ray and Nobe Bryant in tag team grudge match.